Entry #1

I felt the cool wind and heard dead leaves rustling. I saw them silhouetted.

Entry #2

I saw two spiders today.

Entry #3

The moss on the sidewalk is absorbing all the rain water.

Entry #4

Okay, this is the first real entry. I originally made this site to host tilable wallpapers right? I prefer tilable wallpapers to HD wallpapers because they have a lower resolution and are infinitely scalable without a loss of quality. The biggest reason not to use them is newer screens have a higher number of PPI (pixels per inch) which could make the patterns look smaller than intended. My inspirations for these wallpapers are a bit ecletic. I lived in an area with a lot of Victorian buildings, and, correct me if I'm wrong, wallpapers have become uncommon since that period. So to me, wallpapers in architecture are beautiful, rare, and old-fashioned. My other inspirations are much more modern. I first experimented with making wallpapers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I originally designed the mermaid wallpaper in that game. Neopets has a webpage where you can download tilable wallpapers, which was the main inspiration for my site. I learned HTML to customize my pets's pages. I have recently taken an interest in the work of Owen Jones, the British Architect. Particularly, his book the Grammar of Ornament. Perhaps I will write an entry about it once I've read more. I've also been considering what would be the best wallpaper to pair with bowling alley carpets.

Entry #5

September 24th, 2023. On September 8th, I said I was going to stop updating this site. Oops. I spent all day remaking my art gallery page, reorganizing files, and changing links. There's still a lot more to do, but I think it's coming along quite nicely! Some pages are broken and outdated right now, but I'll fix them this week.

Entry #6

September 27th, 2023. I've cleaned up a lot in the last couple days. Most of the old stuff has been deleted. I've cleaned up my CSS sheet as well. It went from ~250 lines to ~150. It should be easier to edit now too. I removed some the map and wallpaper pages from the sidebar as well. I will be putting my favorite wallpapers in the art gallery (You still my permission to use them). The map page might come back in a very different way. I'd like to remake my games like the rabbit maze and the spooky story. I'll wait until after the site looks good though. Today I haven't edited much, but it should be a big difference to observers. I changed the main font from arial to trebuchet. The music reviews will be moved to this blog section. Maybe I'll write more in the future.