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Hello! I made some wallpapers, you are free to download and use.[1]

Music Reviews

This is the music section, where I share some music that I like. I've decided to to only list the albums that I've written reviews for. If you want to see more, you can look at my wishlist.

Wobbledogs OST by Mbrr

Wobbledogs is such a CUTE and freaky game. The music is very cute too. Favorite track: Blockhead

Neotokyo NSF by Ed Harrison

I've never played Neotokyo, but I love the music. Listen to the other half of the soundtrack, Neotokyo GDSF. Favorite Track: Nimbus


I like to listen to this album when I'm sad and lonely. It's fun and catchy enough to help me feel better. Favorite track: Prince Jellyfish

Orchestrate the sixth season by aliceffekt

I've heard similar music, but the intensity and complex rhythms set this album apart. Favorite track: Lanterns, stars and Rlionn's daughters

Stages by protonet-Works

Very fun to listen to, I like to listen to these songs over and over again. Favorite track: Oriental Star


Thanks for viewing :)

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[1]Pretty cool footnote, huh?